2 years ago

Now What Was That Noise

Suddenly sleep is interrupted and the person cannot figure out what that noise was that woke him up. That scenario happens all the time to millions of people each night. A noise they cannot identify wakes them from a sound sleep. Basically that sudden noise wakes people up because the brain is constantly seeking stimulation. It cannot always shut itself off for several hours at a time. That is why having a background noise, sometimes referred to as "white noise", lets people fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night. Some people use the radio and some fall asleep in front of the television.

SleepSoundsMachines provides information regarding sleep issues, offers tips and advice, and reviews machines that are designed to provide background noise. There are several types of sleep sound machines, depending on the situation and the age of the person trying to sleep. Machines for babies, for example, are explained at soothing sounds. Most of those machines, like Graco Sweet Slumber or Tranquil Moments, play soft lullabies, natural sounds like rain or wind, or have sounds that simulate noises in the womb. They may also use soft lights to get babies to sleep. One machine, the Baby Shusher, is unique in that it plays loud rhythmic noises to calm babies. The noise is loud to be heard above the babies cries, and it helps them drift off to sleep by disrupting the pattern of their own sounds. It is portable, compact, and operates on two AA batteries, so it can be used anywhere. It has fifteen and thirty minute timer options, a sound sensor, and a volume control built-in.

A unique machine for adults, the Philips HF 3520, uses a combination of sound and light to help people fall asleep and stay asleep. It has five nature sounds and it can be used with radio channels as well. The light component has twenty brightness settings and a dawn/sunset simulator that runs for forty minutes. People can visit sleepsoundsmachines for more reviews on travel machines, some recommended for teens, and other models. A good nights sleep is important for the mind and the body. People who rest well on a regular basis function better during the day, have lower stress levels, seem to experience more stable moods, and appear to be in better overall health than those who do not sleep well. machines range greatly in pricing, but there are some available to fit every budget. It is worth a try if sleep is becoming more and more elusive.